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Canada updated travel rules for expired COPR and PRV holders

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has updated travel rules for expired COPR and PRV holders. According to the bulletin on the IRCC website, approved permanent resident applicants who hold expired or expiring Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) may be allowed into Canada depending on their circumstances.

If you’re outside Canada with expired COPR and PRV


  • IRCC has approved your permanent resident application before March 18th, 2020, OR
  • you are exempt from the travel restrictions,

but you can’t travel to Canada before your documents expire, or your documents have already expired, you don’t need to contact IRCC unless and until you’re ready to move to Canada and live here permanently.

If you are ready NOW to stay and settle in Canada …

If you meet either of the conditions above (IRCC approved your permanent resident application before March 18th, 2020 OR you are exempt from the travel restrictions), and you are ready now to move to Canada and become a permanent resident, you can do so if you plan to stay and settle here.

If you’re planning on coming temporarily and leaving again, you can not do that right now unless you meet a different travel exemption.

Use the IRCC Web form to let IRCC know when you are ready to move to Canada to live and settle here as a permanent resident. IRCC will contact you with more information once the Web form is received. Make sure to include

  • documents showing where you will live in Canada, for example
    • address
    • lease agreement
    • home ownership document
  • information about your plans to work in Canada, for example
    • location of work
    • letter from employer
  • any other information that shows you plan to live here permanently
  • proof of your plan to quarantine
  • your proposed travel itinerary

It’s best to wait until you get a letter authorizing you to come to Canada before buying tickets.

Once you get approval to move to Canada, you have 60 days from that date to arrive.

If your supporting documents have expired

If any of the below documents have expired, IRCC may need you to give new ones

  • medical exams
  • police certificates and
  • passports

If you need to update these documents, IRCC will tell you when they contact you.

Once you’re allowed to come to Canada, you’ll be able to use your expired CoPR and PRV, with your authorization letter, to travel.

If you’re planning on coming temporarily and leaving again, for example, to look for a place to live, you can not do that right now unless you meet a different travel exemption.


  • when you arrive, you must have an acceptable plan to quarantine for 14 days in Canada, including how you will get to the place you’re staying
  • all family members included in the application should travel to Canada at the same time, if possible
  • you should have a confirmed travel plan, or you must be willing to book and confirm travel plans as soon as approved

Starting November 21, air travellers whose final destination is Canada must submit their information through ArriveCAN app before boarding. This includes travel and contact information, quarantine plan (unless they are exempt), and a COVID-19 symptom self-assessment.

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New permanent residence confirmation portal

Canada has successfully launched a portal system to expedite the landing process for new permanent residents. The portal allows individuals, in most cases, to confirm their permanent resident status without in-person interviews by immigration officers. The Canada PR confirmation portal, implemented as part of Canada’s coronavirus measure, provides access to new permanent residents to share their personal information with IRCC, declare that they are in Canada, confirm their address, submit a recent photo to be used to make their PR card, and get access to their proof of permanent resident status.

The Canada PR confirmation portal is not for checking your application’s status. It is separate from the IRCC secure account where applicants submit and update their information.

You can not renew your PR card through the portal. Find out how to renew your PR card.

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