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Canada Provincial Nominee Program Finder

Find a Canada Provincial Nominee Program

With the Canada Provincial Nominee Finder (PNP Finder) you can easily and quickly explore your best provincial immigration pathways to Canadian permanent residence. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow Canada’s provinces and territories to nominate candidates for immigration. 


canada provincial nominee programs

The following Canada is a list of all PNPs across Canada. Use it to find out which PNPs are open, and which ones are right for you.

ProvinceCategory / StreamProgram StatusExpress Entry-LinkedJob Required
AlbertaExpress EntryPassiveYesNo
AlbertaAlberta OpportunityAccepting applicationsNoYes
AlbertaSelf-Employed FarmerAccepting applicationsNoNo
British ColumbiaExpress Entry BC: Skilled WorkerAccepting EOIsYesYes
British ColumbiaExpress Entry BC: Healthcare ProfessionalAccepting applicationsYesYes
British ColumbiaExpress Entry BC: International GraduateAccepting EOIsYesYes
British ColumbiaExpress Entry BC: International Post-GraduateAccepting applicationsYesNo
British ColumbiaSkills Immigration: Skilled WorkerAccepting EOIsNoYes
British ColumbiaSkills Immigration: Healthcare ProfessionalAccepting applicationsNoYes
British ColumbiaSkills Immigration: International GraduateAccepting EOIsNoYes
British ColumbiaSkills Immigration: Entry-level and Semi-skilledAccepting EOIsNoYes
British ColumbiaSkills Immigration: International Post-GraduateAccepting applicationsNoNo
British ColumbiaEntrepreneurAccepting EOIsNoNo
British ColumbiaEntrepreneur Immigration — Regional PilotSet to open early 2019NoNo
ManitobaInternational Education Stream (IES): Graduate Internship PathwayAccepting EOIsNoYes
ManitobaSkilled Worker OverseasAccepting EOIsNoNo
ManitobaSkilled Worker Overseas – Express EntryAccepting EOIsYesNo
ManitobaSkilled Worker Overseas – Human CapitalSet to open in February 2019.NoNo
ManitobaSkilled Worker in ManitobaAccepting EOIsNoYes
ManitobaSkilled Worker in Manitoba – Employer Direct RecruitmentSet to open February 2019.NoYes
ManitobaSkilled Worker in Manitoba – Manitoba Work ExperienceSet to open February 2019.NoYes
ManitobaBusiness Investor: EntrepreneurAccepting applicationsNoNo
ManitobaBusiness Investor: Farm InvestorAccepting applicationsNoNo
ManitobaIES: Career Employment PathwayAccepting EOIsNoYes
ManitobaMorden Community-Driven InitiativeAccepting applicationsNoNo
New BrunswickExpress Entry Labour MarketAccepting EOIsYesNo
New BrunswickSkilled Worker with Employer SupportAccepting applicationsNoYes
New BrunswickEntrepreneurial StreamPausedNoNo
New BrunswickPost-Graduate EntrepreneurAccepting EOIsNoNo
Newfoundland and LabradorExpress Entry Skilled WorkerAccepting applicationsYesYes
Newfoundland and LabradorSkilled WorkerAccepting applicationsNoYes
Newfoundland and LabradorInternational GraduateAccepting applicationsNoYes
Newfoundland and LabradorInternational Graduate EntrepreneurSet to open in the near future.NoNo
Newfoundland and LabradorInternational EntrepreneurSet to open in the near future.NoNo
Northwest TerritoriesExpress EntryAccepting applicationsYesYes
Northwest TerritoriesSkilled WorkersAccepting applicationsNoYes
Northwest TerritoriesCritical Impact WorkerAccepting applicationsNoYes
Northwest TerritoriesEntrepreneur BusinessAccepting applicationsNoNo
Nova ScotiaDemand: Express Entry — Category AAccepting applicationsYesYes
Nova ScotiaDemand: Express Entry — Category BPausedYesNo
Nova ScotiaExperience: Express EntryAccepting applicationsYesNo
Nova ScotiaLabour Market PrioritiesPassiveYesNo
Nova ScotiaSkilled Worker Stream – Skilled WorkersAccepting applicationsNoYes
Nova ScotiaSkilled Worker Stream – Semi-Skilled & Low-SkilledAccepting applicationsNoYes
Nova ScotiaEntrepreneurAccepting EOIsNoNo
Nova ScotiaInternational Graduate EntrepreneurAccepting EOIsNoNo
Nova ScotiaPhysicianAccepting applicationsNoYes
OntarioHuman Capital Priorities – FSW candidatesPassiveYesNo
OntarioHuman Capital Priorities – CEC candidatesPassiveYesNo
OntarioSkilled TradesPassiveYesNo
OntarioFrench-Speaking Skilled Worker – FSW candidatesPassiveYesNo
OntarioFrench-Speaking Skilled Worker – CEC candidatesPassiveYesNo
OntarioEmployer Job Offer – Foreign WorkersAccepting applicationsNoYes
OntarioEmployer Job Offer – In-Demand SkillsAccepting applicationsNoYes
OntarioEmployer Job Offer – International StudentsAccepting applicationsNoYes
OntarioMaster’s GraduatePausedNoNo
OntarioPhD GraduateAccepting applicationsNoNo
OntarioEntrepreneurAccepting EOIsNoNo
OntarioCorporateAccepting applicationsNoNo
Prince Edward IslandExpress EntryAccepting EOIsYesNo
Prince Edward IslandLabour Impact – Skilled WorkerAccepting EOIsNoYes
Prince Edward IslandLabour Impact – Critical WorkerAccepting EOIsNoYes
Prince Edward IslandLabour Impact – International GraduateAccepting EOIsNoYes
Prince Edward IslandBusiness Impact – Work PermitAccepting EOIsNoNo
Prince Edward IslandBusiness Impact – 100% OwnershipTerminatedNoNo
Prince Edward IslandBusiness Impact – Partial OwnershipTerminatedNoNo
QuebecQuebec Skilled Worker ProgramAccepting EOIsNoNo
QuebecQuebec Experience Program (PEQ) – Temporary Foreign WorkersAccepting applicationsNoNo
QuebecQuebec Experience Program (PEQ) – International StudentAccepting applicationsNoNo
QuebecEntrepreneur ProgramNew intake period started August 15, 2018. Accepting 25 new applications under Component One and 35 for Component Two of the program.NoNo
QuebecSelf-Employed Worker ProgramNew intake period started August 15. Accepting 50 new applications for this program.NoNo
QuebecInvestor ProgramNew intake started September 10, 2018. Accepting 1,900 new applications for this program.NoNo
SaskatchewanInternational Skilled Worker (ISW): Express EntryAccepting EOIsYesNo
SaskatchewanISW: Occupations In-DemandAccepting EOIsNoNo
SaskatchewanISW: Employment OfferAccepting applicationsNoYes
SaskatchewanSaskatchewan Experience: Existing Work PermitAccepting applicationsNoYes
SaskatchewanSaskatchewan Experience: Health Professionals/Hospitality Sector Project, Long Haul Truck Driver ProjectAccepting applicationsNoYes
SaskatchewanSaskatchewan Experience: StudentsAccepting applicationsNoYes
SaskatchewanEntrepreneurAccepting EOIsNoNo
SaskatchewanFarm Owners and OperatorsAccepting applicationsNoNo
YukonExpress EntryAccepting applicationsYesYes
YukonCritical Impact WorkerAccepting applicationsNoYes
YukonBusiness NomineeAccepting applicationsNoNo

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