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Canada needs over 800,000 foreign workers – Report says

Statistics Canada reports that 815,800 jobs are available for temporary foreign workers to work in Canada. Canada needs foreign workers to fill these vacancies to rebound from pandemic economic crisis.

Job openings in areas typically targeted by Canada temporary foreign workers include:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Entertainment and
  • Recreation

Canadian employers were actively recruiting for an estimated 815,800 positions in June 2021, as public health measures related to the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic were significantly eased.

Statistics Canada

Top foreign workers jobs

Remarkably, vacancy rate is highest in accommodation and food services. As pandemic restrictions eased, outdoor dining resumed late Spring. This also led to employers actively recruiting to fill vacant positions.

The majority of vacancies were in services sector (8/10).

Restaurants in Canada are also looking for temporary foreign workers. This helps to rebuild staffing after pandemic lockdowns and restrictions.

At the height of restrictions, restaurants changed hours, closed earlier and those taking pick-up orders stressed out.

Similarly this happened in arts, entertainment and recreation sectors.

Other top foreign workers jobs

Statistics Canada says that “other services” category showed a job vacancy rate of 6.1%.

For example, waste management and remediation services have job vacancy rate of 6.5%. There is high need for extra cleaning and safe disposal of pandemic materials.

AS well, construction is another area booming for foreign workers in Canada.

As well, Canadian employees are retiring/quitting jobs in much greater numbers going forward. This is also a boon for temporary foreign workers.

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