Free Canada Immigration Assessment

Free Canada Immigration Assessment

Your success in the express entry draw is largely dependent on your understanding of the immigration program you are applying for. You must also be clear about your suitability for the program and work out a strategy to ensure success. The first step in the Canadian immigration process is not writing the English or French examination as most people believe. Rather, it is to ensure that you have potential eligibility to migrate under any of Canada’s complex immigration programs.

This is why this free Canada immigration assessment is of vital help to you.

Use the Free Canada Immigration Assessment

Scroll down to use the free Canada immigration assessment provided courtesy of our consulting partner, Matkowsky Immigration Law Firm – Canada’s Top Immigration Lawyers. Check your eligibility for the different immigration programs based on the answers you provide to questions. The questions include your nationality, age, language ability, family members, education, income and/ net worth and Canadian job offer. In addition to checking your eligibility, this tool is also the first step in the Express Entry application process.

NOTE: When you get to the last field “additional personal information” also include “Referred by AfriCanada Consulting Inc.” to facilitate faster response.

Canada Immigration Eligibility Assessment Form

Canada Express Entry Draw CRS Points Calculator

Once you determine your eligibility for Canada immigration above, you can calculate your Canada immigration points with the skilled worker points calculator HERE

For additional information, see Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool: skilled immigrants (Express Entry)


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