Download Canada Immigration Application Forms

Canada Immigration Application Forms

This part helps you navigate the hundreds of Canadian immigration forms (both federal and provincial) and find the appropriate forms for your immigration goals. This will also help you to avoid immigration scammers who are peddling fake forms. From Canadian visa application form to Canadian citizenship application form. The links fetch the official forms directly from the IRCC government website.


You now need to give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) when you apply for a visitor visa, study or work permit, or permanent residence if you are from Europe, Middle East and Africa. Find out who needs to give biometrics.

Find application forms and guides

There are two sections on this page:

  • Section 1 is a list of all current forms/guides by IRCC number and title
  • Section 2 allows you to find a form or guide by immigration program or goal

 Get help to open an application form or to fill one out in the Help Centre.

Opening the Forms

To view the PDF form, you need to:

  1. Use your computer (Mac or PC). The forms may not open on mobile devices (iPads, tablets, mobile phones, etc.)
  2. Install Adobe Reader 10 (or higher)
  3. Download the PDF file to your computer. Save the file in a place you can remember.
  4. Make sure you use Adobe Reader to open the form. Sometimes if you try to open the form directly, it will use your Internet browser to try to open it.

Section 1

Scroll through to select any form you need

Section 2

Select a program and click to get all applicable forms

1. Temporary residence

Come to Canada temporarily

Stay in Canada longer

Family sponsorship

Economic classes

3. Refugees and asylum

Refugee claimants, refugees and protected persons

Refugee sponsorship

Permanent resident documents

Permanent Resident Card (PRC)

Permanent resident status and documents

4. Citizenship

Canadian citizenship

Proof of citizenship (citizenship certificate)

Citizenship status and records

5. Other applications

6. Top questions about forms and guides

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