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Can I quit my job after receiving AOR?


I have currently submitted my Express Entry application and received my AOR along with clearing my medicals. My Canadian experience is based on my current job which was under a NOC B category. I have other offers in hand which I am looking to take up but fall under the NOC C category.

– Is it advisable to switch my job to a lower NOC before I receive my acceptance?
– Will it affect my points in any way?
– Do I have to report this change of employment to IRCC?
– What happens if my current employer refuses to corporate and during the background check claims that I did not work in my said position just to mess with me? (My boss is a hot head, does as he pleases and not a beliver of professionalism – Hence, the interest to leave the current job)
– Can the immigration officer refuse me based on the fact that I do not have a NOC B occupation any longer?

Please advice. Thank you in advance.

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