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June 22 BCPNP draw

British Columbia invites 444 for PR nomination in March 2 BCPNP draw

In the March 2 BCPNP draw the BCPNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Plan) invited 444 candidates who chose to reside in the province for nomination to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Invitations were issued to Skilled Worker, International Graduate and the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled candidates in both the Express Entry BC (EEBC) and Skills Immigration (SI) streams. The minimum scores range from 83 to 97. A total of 418 were invited in this draw. There was also a separate draw conducted for retail and wholesale trade managers (NOC 0621) and restaurant and food service managers (NOC 0631). That raw issued 26 invitations to candidates with scores of at least 118.

BCPNP has now held 11 invitation rounds, bringing the total number of invitations issued to date to 1,839 in 2021. In each draw, BCPNP invites the highest scoring registrants in each category to apply to the BC Provincial Nominee Program. BCPNP then nominates successful applicants to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for Canadian permanent residence.

General Draw

DateCategoryMinimum ScoreInvitations Issued
02-Mar-21SI – Skilled Worker97Total: 418
SI – International Graduate94
SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled83
EEBC – Skilled Worker97
EEBC – International Graduate94

Draw Targeting NOCs 0621, 0631

DateCategoryMinimum ScoreInvitations Issued
02-Mar-21SI – Skilled Worker118Total: 26
SI – International Graduate118
EEBC – Skilled Worker118
EEBC – International Graduate118


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The Express Entry BC (EEBC) stream is for candidates who have created a profile with the federal government’s Express Entry system, Canada’s national program for skilled immigrants to obtain Canadian permanent residence.

In order to receive an invitation through the EEBC candidates must be registered under both the federal Express Entry system AND British Columbia’s Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS).

The Skills Immigration (SI) stream is for skilled and semi-skilled workers whose occupations are in high demand in the province of British Columbia. You do not need to register with the federal Express Entry system to be eligible for the BCPNP SI draw.

About BCPNP programs

The BCPNP offers three ways to become a permanent resident in British Colunbia. Each pathway contains different categories you can apply under, depending on your National Occupational Classification skill level, job, or international student status.


Choose your pathway

Skills Immigration

Skills Immigration is for skilled and semi-skilled workers in high-demand occupations in B.C. It uses a points-based invitation system. The process involves registering and applying online for the BCPNP and a paper application process for permanent residency.

You may not need prior work experience for some categories. Skilled workers may have work experience from abroad. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled category applicants need B.C. work experience. Recent international graduates of a Canadian university or college may not need any work experience, depending on the job being offered. Get started

Express Entry BC

Express Entry BC is a faster way for eligible skilled workers to immigrate to B.C. You must also qualify for a federal economic immigration program. It uses a points-based invitation system, and is an entirely web-based registration and application process for both the BCPNP and permanent residency process.

You do not require B.C. work experience. However, you must have relevant work experience as well as meet other requirements such as education and language. Get started


Entrepreneur Immigration

The Entrepreneur Immigration stream is for experienced entrepreneurs who want to actively manage a business in B.C. It is a points-based invitation system. Applicants must have the required personal and investment funds.

The Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot is for entrepreneurs who want to start a new business in participating regional communities across B.C.

BCPNP also has an option for companies looking to expand into B.C., and who need to get permanent residency for key employees. Get started

Other immigration options

If you don’t qualify for one of the BC PNP streams, there may be other ways to come to B.C. Learn about your options, and see if you qualify as an immigrant, temporary resident or visitor.

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About Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs

Under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), Canada’s provincial and territorial governments like British Columbia are able to nominate individuals to reside in the province/territory as permanent residents in order to meet their economic needs. 

Candidates who have created a profile in the federal Express Entry system AND have also applied for and received a nomination from a province’s PNP, are awarded an additional 600 points toward their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score at the federal level, on top of the points that they have in the federal Express Entry pool. The additional 600 CRS points virtually guarantee that the candidate will also receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence under the federal Express Entry system.

  1. Create your BCPNP Online profile.
  2. Create your federal Express Entry profile.

You may pre-qualify for a Canada immigration program.