bring parents and grandparents to Canada

Options to bring your parents and grandparents to Canada: Super Visa and PGP

Bringing your parents and grandparents to Canada

Immigrants family reunification is a top priority for Canada. Canada has progressively increased parental admission levels. At the same time, interest to reunite with parents and grandparents continues to grow.

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data shows Canada welcomed 14,020 new permanent residents through the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) in the first six months of this year alone. The number of new PGP permanent residents will be 27.4% more in 2022 than before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Canadian permanent residents and citizens can sponsor their parents and grandparents for permament residence under the Parents and Grandparents Program. Alternatively, they can apply for Parents and Grandparents Super Visa which allows them to stay for five years on each entry into Canada.

Parents and Grandparents Program vs Super Visa


The PGP is very popular. However, its available through a lottery system and spots are very limited.  Although there are only 35,000 spots available in a year, yet IRCC receives nearly 200,000 PGP application forms each year.

If your plan is to temporarily reunite with parents and grandparents for up to 5 years per visit, the Super Visa is perfect for you. It is typically faster than PGP as processing Super Visa genberally takes s few months while the PGP can take years.

You may pre-qualify for a Canada immigration program.

Also, if your parents and grandparents are from countries that require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to visit Canada, Super Visa eliminates the need to constantly re-apply for a visitor’s visa.


Permanent residence via PGP accords your parents and grandparents full benefits of Canadian PR. These generally include,

  • work in Canada
  • health care
  • full legal protection, and
  • become a Canadian citizen

And your Parents and grandparents may later apply for Canadian citizenship.

In contrast, holders of a Parents and Grandparents Super Visa have the rights and restrictions of a regular tourist visa holder. For example, they cannot work or study while they are in Canada and do not have healthcare benefits accessible to PRs.

2022 Super Visa reforms facilitate family reunification

On July 4, 2022, Canada made significant changes to the Super Visa that further facilitates family reunification in Canada. Previously, the Super Visa only allowed the holder to stay in Canada for a maximum of two years per entry. The recent changes extend the length of stay to five years per entry into Canada. This means that parents and grandparents can now stay in Canada for five years in a row without having to renew their visas.

“The enhancements to the super visa program allow family members to reunite for longer in Canada, which helps everyday Canadian citizens and permanent residents succeed and contribute to society while affording their parents and grandparents invaluable opportunities to spend time with their family,” said Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.


Further, designated foreign medical insurance companies can now provide coverage to Super Visa candidates. This will help families to reduce the cost of medical insurance for applicants by several thousand dollars per year.

IRCC Resources:

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You may pre-qualify for a Canada immigration program.