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Best way to bring American spouse to Canada


So I’m Canadian and my husband is Anerican. Weve been married almost two years and are still living in our own countries. Weve been working in ny Amerucan spousal visa but our circumstances have changed and we’re looking into bringing my husband here to Canada instead, even if it’s just for a few years. So, basically we want to live together in Canada as soon as possible, and preferably him be able to work.

So, my understanding is that inland sponsership would be the best way? But I’m a little confused about the process:

Husband would enter Canada as a visitor. Does he need to apply for anything beforehand and if not, how does he handle crossing the border? Like what does he tell them (obviously dont lie). I know he can stay for up to 6 months, and if he didnt have the work permit by then he would have to apply to extend his visit? But once he has the work permit that is all that would be needed to wait out the application?

Once in Canada, we submit an inland sponsership application and OWP together. What kind of proof do we need to submit that he’s living here with me?

While the application is being processed, he cannot leave Canada even once he has the work permit?

You have to submit a police certificate, correct? How would he get one from the US while here?

Are there any other ways to get my husband here, for a few years even, that we’ve overlooked? Study visa isnt an option for us and I dont think he qualifies for a work visa.

Thanks in advance!

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