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Dear All,

I need some expert advice and opinions for my case. I’m desperately looking for either Canada or Aus Immigration.

Aus Immi process seems difficult, as I have to prepare CDR and also have to arrange experience letters according to the the profession I’m choosing from SOL (Electronic Engg). Currently I have IELTS (R7, L7, S7, W6) and I have to reattempt test to get 7 in each to get eligible for relevant sub-classes.

Whereas Canadian Immi process seems easy and neither I need to arrange experience letters according to my selected profession “Data Center Engineer”, nor I need to prepare any CDR.

With current IELTS, I’m thinking to get degree assessment by WES and enter into EE pool with 338 score, giving myself a chance to get nominated by any state. Meanwhile I will reattempt IELTS test to get best score and will update my EE profile. Side by side, after reattempting IELTS and achieving 7 bands, I will also start preparing CDR and arranging Exp Letters and will lodge application for Australia as well. Whichever invitation I get first, I will pursue that one.

What do you guys think, am I doing it right or there could be more better ways?


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