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backlogs do matter


I’ve never heard or read about such rules.. direct or indirect. :eek: Seriously… seems consultants these days are charting out their own set of rules!!! ???
Kindly ask your consultant to show a confirmed and reliable source for this piece of (mis)information!
As far as I know, one’s low marks, number of backlogs or gap years or overage are not the ONLY or Major factors affecting the decision regarding your visa. It’s a total myth that if you have any of these, you can’t get a study permit!
However, the chances of your study permit definitely increases if you have better marks, lesser gap years, stronger financial background (you/your parents/ or whoever sponsoring you), show studies are for matching (related to your field) and higher or at-least similar level course, work experience certificates(with ITR returns,to make that work ex valid or legitimate) preferably in your field of study etc. And hence, it depends on a variety of factors and of course luck plays it’s part. So,no one can be sure.

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