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I thought after you win your appeal all that they will ask you to do is to submitt medical check and police clearance. Why are they asking my wife to submit 0008, 5669, 5406 again. Will they make her go through an interviews again even though the appeal was won and the IAD approved the case. Will it get refuse again. I got a letter from the IAD say that the appeal is accepted and the officer decision that failed is set aside. Is my wife good now or will they refuse her again?

This is the email i got from the goverments after my appeal was success with a new UCI number:

This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada.

The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) has allowed the Appeal on your application. As a result, your application will now be re-opened and re-assessed based on the decision of the IAD.

In order for our office to continue the processing of your application, we require the following documents to be sent to our office within 60 days from the receipt of this letter:

1. An updated application kit which must include the following:

a. IMM 0008 – Application for Permanent Residence for yourself;

b. IMM 5669 – Schedule A – Background Information for yourself and all your dependants over 18 years old;

c. IMM 5406 – Additional Family Information for yourself and all your dependants over 18 years old;

2. An updated IMM 5476 – Use of a Representative form, if you are designating a representative. If you are no longer using your previous representative, please complete Section C of IMM 5476 to cancel your previous representative.

3. A copy of the biometric page of your and any dependants’ valid passport.

Please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 monthsprior to your entry to Canada.

4. A new Medical Examination as per the instructions on our website. If the medical report form (IMM1017) is not included in this letter, it will be sent to you in an email shortly. For more information visit:

5. Updated Police Certificates from all of the countries you have resided in for 6 months or more since you turned the age of 18 years old. Dependants aged 18 years old and over are also required to submit police certificates.

Instructions to obtain Police Certificates can be found on our website:

The above information/documents must be received in our office within 60 days from the date of this letter. Please email all requested documents and information to andput your application number in the subject line.

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