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any one send first and second year marksheets to wes?

Hello all,

I’ve recently enrolled for ECA evaluation from WES for bachelor’s degree ( in computer Science)

After reading documents requirement, I send them final year degree and certificate, which was attested and sealed in stamped envelop. ( I acquired it from Mumbai University). it was accepted by WES.

However, I received following message from WES :

Reason: The document received only contains a partial record of your study program. Subjects taken and grades earned for part of the study were not included.We are missing information on your first 2 years. We have a mark sheet only from 3rd year, April 2006.

Instructions: Please ask your institution to send WES a complete document that lists all subjects taken and grades earned for each year of the program according to the requirements for your country of education. This document should be sent in a sealed envelope that is stamped or signed on the back flap by the appropriate official.

So I went to my college with Original and xerox copies of First and Second year marksheet, get them attested, signed and then sealed in envelop just like final year degree. My college principal signed on all attested copies.

Is it correct and I send them to WES or I’m doing something wrong here!

Please help!

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