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Another ineligible Express entry profile

I’m getting an almost automatic “ineligible” response on my Express Entry application and have no idea why, I’m hoping you can help shed some light on what I’m doing wrong.
I have a couple of ideas:
– I got an ECA from WES but only for my Masters degree, as it recommended you do it for your highest degree, on the profile I included my bachelor’s studies but answered NO to the ECA question.
– My partner has a bachelors degree, which I included in the profile, but didn’t get him an ECA (I know I’ll miss a few points for this, but in the interest of time/saving didn’t do it) so I answered NO to the ECA question.
– I am currently working on an open work permit – less than a year – exempt from a LMIA for “Canadian Interest reasons”, since this is not an option on the profile, I just said working with job permit – no LMIA required. ( I know I will not get any points for this)

As for my points, I’m sure I’m above 67:
Language: IELTS over 7.5 on all 4 subjects – 24points
Education:Masters validated by WES – 23 points
Experience: 4-5 continuous years in a A type skill – 13 points
Age: 30 – 12 points
Adaptability: Spouse IELTS over 7 across – 5 points

If you have any ideas on what I might be doing wrong please let me know

Thank you!!!

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