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Alaskan Cruise From Vancouver w/o first PR Card

Hey everyone,

Looking for some help on a bit of a complicated question.

I received my PR status in June and I have been living and working in Canada on a work visa for 2.5 years, thus I have already landed (I believe). We have had a family cruise planned for well over a year (all others are citizens/residents). Without my PR card, I will be unable to travel/re-enter the country from the cruise ship. The cruise leaves from Vancouver and returns to Vancouver, but stops off in Alaska.

The current processing time for my PR card is stated as 57 days which would put me right on the day before I am set to leave. Providing that everything is on time, it is cutting it real close to me receiving it. I know there is an option to have the PR card expedited on an emergency basis, but I have been advised I do not qualify for that. It does not cover pre-booked travel, not surprisingly.

I know there are PR travel documents, but those need to be applied for outside of Canada, which is hard to do on a ship and I cannot wait on the ship until it arrives, that is if they let me on. Is there a travel document that I can apply for from within Canada for future travel so that I can get back into Canada and be allowed on the ship without my PR card. Are they any other options available to me or do I just hope that the card arrives in time? Anybody’s help and input would be appreciated.

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