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Accounting Job in canada

Dear all
For getting a job in accounting in canada you need to start right from the base.It does not matter if you are a chartered accountant or a starter in accounting.It will take a year or two for Indian Chartered accountants to do the final CFE exam to get the CPA.

Till then , you can tide over , by getting into an Accounting clerk position.But here again you will need a canadian experience.The best place for this is St.Gabriels accounting Co -op program in Mississauga.The class is taken by a CPA ,Mr Lenny, who is also an OCT and is going on to get his doctorate in Education.His classes are fantastic, and even those new to the subject get to know every thing about accounting right from the beginning.
Most the students get jobs at the end of the coop, of course with a reference from Lenny, if you are up to it.

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